Pheasant Run

by Jacob Earl

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Originally released in 2013, remastered in 2018. This is the first album I recorded after moving to Barrhaven. It is a concept piece about living in the 'burbs, and being ok with growing up and growing old. It was originally released under the moniker March Hawk, and was an attempt at a rap album (really more glitch/electronica than hip hop). File under "trying too hard".


released October 29, 2013

Produced, written, recorded, and performed by Jacob Earl.


all rights reserved



Jacob Earl Ottawa, Ontario

Independent DIY queer producer/songwriter/photog.

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Track Name: Welcome to the Light
Four more hours til the break of dawn
I get up early but you’re already gone
Step out on the balcony and spark a bowl
Your absence is the maw of a pitch black hole
The event horizon caught up to me
I peer into the dark but there’s nothing to see
Gravity gravely pulls us down
Silence is the only sound
We were all swallowed up by the longest night
This day we were welcomed to the night

Feel it coming, feel it coming

Eighty-eight days til the sun comes back
Winter’s white walls are on the attack
Windchill, windowsill, freezer burn
Shield me for loving you, love I spurn
Baby, baby, baby, don’t look back
Fine young cannibals on the attack
Can I ever mend and make things right?
Once we were welcome to the light
Track Name: Fields
tick tock, corn crop, I lie in the dirt
I fall deep into your iris like warm burnt earth
I could do nothing but lie here, cursed
to feel your love grow until it hurts

I bite you, you squeeze, down in the fields
we lie flat on our bellies for that perfect feeling
flutter by, monarch, butterfly wings
when you arc your back back and the oriole sings

you climb the trees while i click, click, click
and the swaying of the breeze 'til i feel seasick
and lovesick effect of the endorphin high
lying in the fields, not a cloud in the sky

come, come, come, come give me a kiss
I can't stop aching for your mouth bruised bliss
press your lips up to my lips
grind your hips into my hips

if our love can survive this minor glitch
the refrain will go off without a major hitch
and we can spend each day in each others arms
where neither of us ever come to harm

i'm not one to dwell on the past
i'd rather live in the present with your sassy ass
there's a finite time we have left ahead
let's do it all now, we can sleep when we're dead

tick tock, corn crop, we lie in the fields
and laugh loud like love is the finest meal
I can feel nothing but your warm embrace
and your hot hot hot hot breath on my face

tick tock, corn crop, I lie in the fields
I fall deep into the sky on a ferris wheel
I could do nothing but lie here, high
to feel your love grow until i die

mesmerized, i wait on my knees
for the rapture to finally come to me
when you take my hands within your hands
and whisk me away to a better land

you think maybe i'm dreaming dreams
the fascination with the moments in-between
but the here and now i spend with you
is the only reason my dreams come true

come, come, come, come jump the shark
our loveboat is about to embark
we'll set sail on the seven seas
to a life together of whatever you please

if our love can survive this sad refrain
the coda will bring you back again
and we can spend our lives together
every day gets better and better

i'm not one to live alone
no one's an island but sometimes a stone
there's a piece of advice i find hard to swallow
you can't fall in love if you're heart's so shallow

tick tock, corn crop, I lie in the fields
pressed to my chest is the lie i feel
it's awake, a weight that won't let go
it's something everyone should know
Track Name: Pheasant Run
please don't run away

I had a minor mid-life crisis
and then a revelation of how nice it is
the wisdom of ages
cured my niceguyitis
I took my bike outside
for a casual ride
but kept on pedalling 'til my
heart finally died

Went to the top non-stop
to be the cream of the crop
I said you shoulda left Ottawa
before this next cut dropped
but I packed up my words
and made my way to the 'burbs
I settled in Pheasant Run
on the Barrhaven curbs

pipe up in the back
and tighten the slack
I said you'll never make the big leagues
acting like that
I got a first class ticket
balcony seat
I got plants and animals
and two storey treats

all summer long
with all the soccer moms
balls in the goalie's hands
but your net's all wrong
traces of the fall set in
boredom is a mortal sin
Autumn's colours beautiful
but I can't believe the shape I'm in

Can't believe the shape I'm in
Mightier than the Mighty Quinn
but all this autumn colourin'
is making me shake from within
give me all your suffering
all your extra sin and skin
I'm Heathcliff in Wuthering
gimme all your loverin'

please don't run away
Track Name: Strange Attractions
This place has strange attractions
other world reactions
but i don't mind
it feels like home

strange attractions
lead me back, back to you
but i'm not staying here
i'm just passing through

you said it would hurt you
but it would pass

this place has strange attractions
just making it up
one day it will all catch up to me
all this will go up
in my face

you said it would hurt you
but that you didn't mind

strange attractions
keep me lodged in space
i don't like it
but i'm not afraid to show my face

you said it would hurt you
but that you didn't mind

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