The Valley

by Jacob Earl

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Written and recorded in 24 days in February 2018, as part of the RPM Challenge.

A concept piece about living in the Valley.


released February 27, 2018

Produced, composed, arranged, recorded, and performed by Jacob Earl.




Jacob Earl Ottawa, Ontario

Independent DIY queer producer/songwriter/photog.

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Track Name: Colony Harmony
How do we sleep
How do we eat
How can we live this way?
How can we preach
Love and peace
When we took it all away?

We had a colony
It was beauty
Track Name: 6 Million Acres
For the love that we share
We went to the sea
I promised I cherished you
Alone in the trees
6 million acres
Never enough
Show me a forest
Big enough for our love

For the love of the valley
We settled our heads
Our hearts were glowing
A bright blood red
The green was the calm
Put us to rest
One day we'll journey
To land further west

Hiking these trails
Keeps me at peace
Centers and grounds me
Calming the beast
6 million acres
Ours to explore
Each day we spend together
I love you more
Track Name: Graben
Living every minute
In normal fault
Horst around you
Like a guardian wall
Always shape
Your best gestalt
Cradled in green
Summer to Fall

Forces pushed you
Up and down
The rift is
Where we lay our crown

Counting every minute
Til we meet again
The jagged valley
Always at the end
I've thought so long
About these edges
Do they betray or
Do they protect us?

Forces pushed you
Up and down
The rift is
Where we lay our crown

Carving out the earth
Leda clay
Quicker than the river
Plate techtonics
We grind away
Push and quiver
I hope yr here to stay

Forces pushed you
Up and down
The rift is
Where we lay our crown

Another shift
Pushing against me
Anniversary gift
We are joined
At the hip
Press your lips
To my lips
Track Name: Winter in the Valley
Hit me up
We're going for a hike
Winter in the valley
Is really nice
Quiet paths
A calm veneer
Covers the grime
We made last year

Hit me up
We'll hit the ice
Our blades on glass
Sharp as a knife
The steam of our lungs
Plays the air
Like a secret strategy
Both of us share

Hit me up
We're staying inside
Too cold to live
Too hot to die
Make some tea
Listen to tunes
The winds outside
Howl to the groove

Hit me up
We'll hug and kiss
Making love
In the middle of this
Frostbitten fingers
Finally warm
Winter in the valley
Where I was born
Track Name: Squall
Don't go out
In the heavy snow
You'll lose your way
All alone
Don't go out
In the sharp squall
The wind will take you
Make you fall
Track Name: Cold Waltz
Icy grip
So you don't slip
Cold stare
It's like you're not really there

Come to bed
Slide into my head
Cold comfort
Closer to share

Second guess
This place is a mess
Chance to renew
Emotions are bare

Cold waltz
It's not our fault
Cold waltz
It was what we were taught
Track Name: Lungs
My lungs feel weird
An alternate reality
Maybe I didn't grow beard

I never started smoking
I never got high

I'd be a very telling tale
I'd be a total different guy

Suck it in, suck it out
Pumping ox, how I sound
Track Name: Acid Rain
Pitter patter
All my joints ache tonight
Doesn't matter
There is no way to fight

Sleeping patterns
Everything's outta sync
Bruised and battered
Spiralling down the sink

Clouds gathered
Fog's time to creep
What does it matter
How much you weep?

Our father
Hollow as your name
Burned our bodies
Spitting acid rain

It turned out
It turned out it was bad for us
It turned out
It turned out it was bad for us

Grey skies
All the tales foretold
Drowned out by
The song you never sold

Poor baby
Pouring out your heart
Four seasons
Weeping, sleeping art

It turned out
It turned out it was bad for us
It turned out
It turned out it was bad for us

Fine mist
Cooling off my rage
Poster boy
For not acting my age

Murky waters
Dust and acid rain
Muddy wishes
Devil in disdain

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