from In Reel Time by Jacob Earl

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Sometimes you do things even when you know it's a bad idea.


I never even had an interest in
settling down until I met you
I didn’t know if it was a good idea to let you in;
nevertheless, I let you

in the interest of being amicable
I vote we put the past behind us
see all those despicable little details
they nitpicked us and lied to us

in the interest of tracing
the steps back to the root of the problem
we investigated
far too deeply in the bottom

our inner demons
they tore us apart
I thought I was close
but I was so far

we exorcised our demons,
whether or not we mean it
In the interest of healing,
let us close the wound now that it is treated

there is only one thing I miss
my interest in you won’t diminish

in the interest of putting an end to it
I plead we reconcile this argument
you stand there with hands on hips
eyes locked to mine and pursed lips

if you wanted to read me
now would be – in the interest of honesty –
perfect timing
as I lay my heart on my sleeve

I’m an open book
in the interest of not being overlooked
these crazy ideas you cooked up
that there was something amiss

and you mistook
my cowardice for animosity
my comma splice for a pause-too-long atrocity
in the interest of avoiding surcharges, we always rode economy

there is only one thing I miss
my interest in you won’t diminish

I never was very interested
in wearing a crown
the burden of ruling upright
left me down with frown

in the interest of packing the room
with an agreeable crowd
I suggest we top the drinks
with another free round

everyon’e got their pace
and you had yours
I've got my price; I paid it at least twice
before I learned

you were in too deep to deny
but in the interest of honesty,
I honestly don’t know why
I said those things that made you cry

there is only one thing I miss
my interest in you won’t diminish


from In Reel Time, released December 4, 2007




Jacob Earl Ottawa, Ontario

Independent DIY queer producer/songwriter/photog.

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